Is there a specific internet browser needed to access MO Learning?

It is best to access MO Learning using one of the following updated browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Using older browser versions can prevent you from accessing MO Learning, and some site features won’t function as expected. Using the latest browsers also provide better encryption and privacy support.

MO Learning does work in Internet Explorer, but has been known to cause issues and slowness. For a list of supported internet browsers and minimum system requirements, read  “Supported Internet Browsers for LinkedIn.”

Am I required to have a LinkedIn profile to have a MO Learning account?

No. Most employees with a email account will have access to all the MO Learning opportunities. Team members with LinkedIn profiles can connect their profiles to MO Learning to get additional course recommendations, but this is not required.

How do I disconnect my LinkedIn profile from my MO Learning account?

If you’d like to disconnect your LinkedIn profile from your MO Learning account, go to MO Learning, and under the Me drop-down, click Settings. There is a section where you can click to disconnect your account. For a walk-through of this process, click here.

If you cannot get logged into your MO Learning account, contact your department MO Learning administrator or enter an ITSD ticket. Go to the Report an Issue, Application Support, Enterprise Applications, and click on the LinkedIn Learning option. In the description, note that you would like your LinkedIn profile disconnected. Once it is disconnected, you will receive a new invitation email from the system. It will prompt you to connect a LinkedIn account during login, but you can decline.

Is MO Learning tied to my regular professional development conversation?

ENGAGE conversations, and other professional development conversations are great opportunities for supervisors and team members to discuss training courses on MO Learning. Supervisors should check out the MO Learning library to identify potential courses for their team members. For instance, if a team member needs to improve their writing skills, the supervisor could provide specific course recommendations or Learning Paths. Team members should also update their supervisors on their progress through training on LinkedIn Learning.

How can I showcase my completed courses on my LinkedIn profile?

Highlighting your completed training courses is a great way to show how you’re working to improve your skills! To learn how to feature your completed training on your LinkedIn profile, read “ Adding LinkedIn Learning Courses and Skills to Your Profile.”

How can I access MO Learning on my mobile phone?

LinkedIn Learning is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing you to access training anywhere. To access training on your mobile phone, read the “ Logging in to Learning with an Enterprise License – FAQ.”

If the team member is overtime eligible, special rules apply. Please see the question and responses below.

There are over 13,000 courses in MO Learning, and it is overwhelming. Where do I start?

There are various ways to narrow the courses to find what you are looking for. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use the search function at the top of the screen to look for courses on a specific topic.
  • Open the library in the upper left-hand corner to see an organized list of topics to consider.
  • There are a handful of Learning Collections and Learning Paths that we have created based on the most populous roles/positions in our workforce. These can be found under the “My Learning” section in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. More Learning Collections and Learning Paths will be added over time.
  • Collections for the top four roles across all departments (covering 70 percent of staff):
  • Administrative
  • Business Computer/mathematical
  • Community and social services
  • Collections for core positions include:
  • Managers
  • Frontline supervisors
  • Frontline team members

Note that the MO Learning team will be adding more customized Learning Collections and Learning Paths based on roles and skill areas in the future.

Team members with LinkedIn profiles can also connect their profiles to LinkedIn Learning to get additional course recommendations, but this is not required.

Once I’ve completed a course, how do I know what course I should take next?

LinkedIn Learning offers Learning Paths, which lists related video courses on a specific topic or career track. Learning Paths include multiple courses by different expert instructors. With Learning Paths, State of Missouri team members can learn various skills and information associated with a certain subject or profession.

LinkedIn Learning has more than 70 Learning Paths to develop your skills and knowledge. The MO Learning team will be adding more customized Learning Collections and Learning Paths based on roles and skill areas in the future.

You can find featured Learning Paths on your MO Learning homepage.

If you are unable to find a Learning Path that suits your needs, please reach out to your supervisor for assistance in developing one.

To learn more, read  “Learning Paths for Individual Subscribers – Overview.”

If the team member is overtime eligible, special rules apply. Please see the question and responses below.

I’m a supervisor. Can I require my team members to take professional development training on MO Learning?

Yes. If the team member is overtime eligible, special rules apply. Please see the question and responses below.

While supervisors can review reports to confirm completion of training courses, it is recommended that supervisors have ongoing dialogue with team members. Topics for discussion may include their progress toward completion of training courses, their observations of the content, and how team members will apply it to their work.

Supervisors are expected to support the professional development of each of their team members. The courses in MO Learning can help supervisors add specific recommendations to ENGAGE and other professional development conversations.

I just switched departments and I can’t sign-in with my new department credentials. What do I do?

In cases where you switch departments (example: from DHSS to DOC), your new SSO will not work at first. Continue to use your old department login to sign on to MO Learning. Once you have officially been moved over in the system, you will receive a error and will not be able to login with your old information. Now attempt to login to SSO using your new department login and password. Generally, it could to up to a week to switch everything over. Once moved over, everything will work the way it did before.

Are there special rules for overtime eligible employees wanting to take LinkedIn Learning courses?

Yes, overtime eligible employees wanting to take a LinkedIn Learning course outside normal working hours must first have the request approved by their supervisors utilizing the  After Hours LinkedIn Learning Authorization Form found on the MO Learning website.

Supervisors should work with overtime eligible employees to schedule MO Learning courses that will in any way improve or enhance the employee’s productivity, efficiency or effectiveness as employees during the employee’s regular working hours. If a course is vital to the agency’s mission, supervisors with authority to approve incurring overtime may approve an overtime eligible employee’s request to take a course outside normal working hours utilizing the form – with the understanding that the time expended in taking the course outside normal working hours must be treated as overtime in any work week where more than 40 hours is worked.

Supervisors may also approve the request of an overtime eligible employee to take a course that will in no way improve or enhance the employee’s productivity, efficiency or effectiveness to be taken outside normal working hours by so indicating on the form.

If a supervisor has any doubt about whether a course will improve or enhance an overtime eligible employee’s productivity, efficiency or effectiveness, the presumption should be that it does.

Can I take a training course during work hours?

Yes! All team members are encouraged to dedicate time to their professional development during work hours. Please discuss with your supervisor the best approach to integrate dedicated time for MO Learning into your work. Please remember, your first responsibility is meeting the day-to-day expectations of your position.

I’m interested in taking a training course in a field that’s very different from my own. Is that OK?

State of Missouri team members have access to MO Learning to advance their professional development as it relates to their current roles and potential roles they would like to take on in the future. Overtime eligible employees are encouraged to talk with their supervisors so that they can use MO Learning for the career track they choose.

How to edit Email notifications

The following instructions will help guide you through the process of editing your email notifications provided by LinkedIn.  Email Notification Instructions.

I have privacy concerns about connecting my LinkedIn profile with work. Where can I get more information?

Please click on this link “Trust and Privacy FAQ” for more about the LinkedIn privacy policy.

Do the views and opinions expressed in LinkedIn Learning content reflect the views of the State of Missouri?

No, the State of Missouri does not endorse or support any specific views, opinions, or recommendations presented in LinkedIn Learning content. The only views endorsed by the State of Missouri are the opinions shared through Missouri custom-curated content.